Chatsworth House Gardens

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Chatsworth House Derbyshire 

We are lucky that we live about 10 minutes away from Chatsworth House Gardens. 
I have a membership card which covers the entry to the House, Gardens, Farmyard and the membership I have includes parking too. 

Our Favourite place is Chatsworth House Gardens. It's great for school holiday days out, picnics and is also dog friendly as long as your dog is on a lead.
It doesn't matter how many times we visit there is always something new to see and find in the garden. Different seasons of the year bring a variety of seasonal plants, and the Autumn colours are amazing. 
At Easter there is the Easter egg hunt and Halloween is just fantastic with the carved pumpkins around the garden. Although visiting inside Chatsworth House at Halloween was a bit scary it's dark anyway inside the house!                        

Photo taken when The Dog exhibition was on 2019 #chatswoof

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Chatsworth House

Our membership covers entry inside Chatsworth House and is worth a visit if you are travelling for a day out. Dogs are not allowed in the house though. 

If you are just visiting for the day and buy Chatsworth House entry you also get entry to the Chatsworth Gardens. This is because as you finish looking around the house the only way out is through the garden shop. Which then leads you straight into the gardens.

My favourite room in Chatsworth House is the Painted Hall. I managed to get the photo below of the Painted Hall by going really early one morning and was one of the first in the house.

You can see on the photo there is just one member of staff in the middle right of the photo.                

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Chatsworth House Gardens dogs

Are dogs allowed in Chatsworth House Gardens?

Yes dogs are allowed in the gardens at Chatsworth house but must be kept on a lead. 

Dogs are also allowed in the gift shops too but must be under control.  There are some unique expensive gifts in the shops. You don't want a visit to the shop at Chatsworth to cost you a fortune because of your dog. 

We will usually take one of the dogs into the garden at Chatsworth with us and the camera of course. 

You really need your camera with you when you visit Chatsworth there is so much to see. 

And you will want the selfie in front of the house and the Emperor Fountain. Everyone else does, I just pretend it's the first time I've ever been and get one each visit.

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Chatsworth Farmyard

Chatsworth farmyard is at the top of the car park (the top of the hill) at Chatsworth House.

You have to pay separate for the Farmyard, but you can go to 'just' to the farmyard at Chatsworth. 

DOGS are NOT ALLOWED in the farmyard.

On the path on the way into the farmyard are 2 separate hooks to leave dogs. It is shaded by trees so ok if it's a hot day. Would you leave your dog there??? 
So just be aware if you take the dog with you to the farmyard your dog can't go in and on a hot day do not leave your dog in the car either. 

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The farmyard is great for a kids day out.
Although its not a huge farmyard by this I mean it's not full of farm animals. There are usually pigs and sometimes piglets. Plenty of chickens, goats a cow and a donkey.
The best part of the farmyard is the Guinea pig handling, there are usually loads of guinea pigs.

Then there is the adventure playground at the very top of the farmyard. It is a short steep hill to get up to the playground.
Seating areas are available for picnics if you get there early enough to claim a table for the day. And there is plenty of sand and water to get dirty playing in.
Also there is a small shop within the farmyard full of kids stuff and you can get an ice lolly in there too all at Chatsworth prices.

One thing is for sure at Chatsworth Farmyard is that the kids will love it.

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Due to Covid-19 - To visit Chatsworth House, Gardens & The Farmyard you have to pre-book tickets via the Chatsworth website    

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