English Setter Puppies

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English Setter Puppies UK

Puppies are occasionally available to permanent loving homes.

Although no puppies are planned here for this year sorry.

If you are looking for an English Setter puppy a good place to start is by taking a look on the English Setter Association puppy register.

If you are looking to buy a puppy it is worth a read on the ESA website regarding their advice on buying an English Setter puppy. To be aware of puppy farmers and the increase in the price since Covid-19. 

ESA do state a price for English Setter puppies which is in the region of £1,500

It is up to each breeder to charge what they feel is correct for their puppies. 

But no-one should be expected to pay around £4,000 for a puppy of any breed as a family pet.

If you are looking for an older English Setter take a look on the English Setter Association Welfare website. 

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How much does an English Setter puppy cost?

ESA The English Setter Association state on their website somewhere in the region of £1,500. Which I would agree with. 

How much do English Setters cost UK?

The same as above around £1,500 for a puppy

Other helpful information which might help when buying your puppy

Paperwork with puppy (The papers)

When you collect a new puppy from a pedigree dog breeder you should get the following -

Kennel Club Registration

This is the most important piece of paperwork for your pedigree puppy.
The Kennel registration means that your dog is registered with the Kennel Club. 
This could be endorsed by the breeder. Which means you cannot breed from the puppy or export the pup. That is the breeders choice. 
You can not show the puppy without the KC registration because you need the KC registration number to enter the puppy at dog shows. 
You also cannot breed pedigree dogs without the KC registration number. Because to register a litter of pedigree dogs with the Kennel club you need the registration (or Stud Book) numbers of the parents. 

Microchip details

Your puppy should already be microchipped when you collect the puppy. The puppy's microchip details will be in the name and address of the breeder.  This needs to be changed to your name and address. 
A pedigree of a puppy

This is a piece of paper with Parents, Grandparents etc of your puppy on, a family tree of your puppy. This piece of paper does not mean your dog is pedigree dog without the KC Registration which should match. The KC Registration has the names of the parents of your puppy on it.   

Vaccination card

Your puppy should of had the 1st vaccination when you collect it at 8 weeks from the breeder. So you will need to the vaccination card to take to your vet for the 2nd vaccine. 

Puppy diet sheet

The breeder should give you a puppy diet sheet so you know what, when and how much to feed the puppy.  Also some puppy food or a puppy pack to take away with you. 


This maybe on the diet sheet but you need to know when your puppy was last wormed so you know when to worm the puppy again. Worming again is usually at 12 weeks. 


Usually you get 4 weeks insurance cover for your puppy from the breeder which can be continued. Or choose your own insurance to start when the 4 weeks ends. 

A receipt of payment

Just because you are buying a new member of the family it doesn't mean you don't need a receipt. The dog insurance may need to see the receipt when you fill in the form for the purchase price of the puppy. 

Tips on buying a puppy

Make sure you can see or be shown the Mother to the puppies. 

Get in the car and go to view the puppies before committing to buying one, however far away they are. 

You have the right to say no, this is not the right pup for me.  The breeder has the same right to refuse to sell a puppy if they think the home is not suitable.

Join a good reputable dog breeders puppy list and be prepared to wait for the right puppy for you. 

Take a look at my blog post for more tips on buying a puppy in the UK

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