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Northern English Setter Society 4th August 2021

Handling Richecca Chorus Girl for Jill & Neil Kelly 'Richecca' 

What was planned as a picnic and a catch up at a breed dog show.
Turn out to be a brilliant day in the show ring too. 

Before I start this blog I will first let you know that 'Cilla' Richecca Chorus Girl is not my dog.
Cilla is a beautiful Orange Belton English Setter bitch bred and owned by Jill & Neil Kelly  Richecca
Jill & Neil have been in the breed English Setters for many years breeding quality dogs over and over again. They don't need a handler or a groomer for their dogs they do just fine at dog shows on their own.

Richecca Chorus Girl

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Gertie's not a show dog

After taking Gertie to MESS double open shows. Jill messaged and asked if we going to any other shows with Gertie as we hadn't seen each other for ages due to Covid-19. 
'No' was the answer because Gertie really is not a show dog and Travis is retired now. 

"It would of been nice to see you, if you were going you could of handled Cilla for us" Jill said. 
What did Jill just say I thought to myself. I really did not need asking twice to handle Cilla. 

A day out at a dog show, picnic and a catch up was organised. And I was going to handle Cilla.  "OK we are coming to the show it's in my diary" I said. 
What I really thought was 'OMG no pressure lol'.
Let me explain.

Gertie - Redhara Lady Gaga


Jill & Neil Kelly

I was first introduced to Jill & Neil Kelly around 17 years ago, by Dawn & Dom Goutorbe (Upperwood). 
I had Lucy at the time my first English Setter an Upperwood. Although I had shown dogs for years before, Irish Setters I was new to the breed English Setters. 

Whenever Jill & Neil were at a show the dogs looked immaculate and they did well with them, really well in the ring. I really liked their type of English Setters too. 
I wanted to know their secret.

So at one show I bravely asked Jill who was with her friend Jillian Spencer.  Jillian & Ken Spencer's affix is 'Sorbus' they have done well with their English Setters too. 

I walked over and I think I started with something like "Your dogs alway look amazing Jill, what scissors do you use to trim the dogs?" 

Jill & Jillian were helpful in fact they were really helpful. They both told me which scissors to use and exactly where to use them on the dog. 
I was a dog groomer but this was breed specific I was asking about. I wanted Lucy to look as good as their dogs did in the ring. 

Sh Ch Upperwood Lucy Liu For Redhara

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Grooming English Setters

I took my new knowledge home and tried it out on Lucy.
Lucy was still young she looked better but I needed a dog with coat and plenty of it to really have a go at what Jill & Jillian had told me.

I asked Dom & Dawn if I could trim Sunny, Sunny was Upperwood Summer Escapade a lovely Tri-Coloured dog. He was also Lucy's Sire. 

Sunny had a good thick coat to have ago at. The only problem was that Sunny was entered for a show and it was only about 4 weeks away.
Luckily Dom and Dawn agreed I could use Sunny as my grooming model. 

I trimmed and bathed Sunny each week for 3 weeks before the show, applying what they had told me. 
Sunny went to Blackpool Championship under Pat Rhodes and got the Dog CC his 1st the following week. Dom was handling Sunny that day.

A month later I took Sunny to East of England under Sarah Sevastopulo, he won the Dog CC & BOB.  Sunny was made up not too long after that.
Lucy also got the RCC that day at E of E,  that was my very first RCC in the breed with my own dog.

Sh Ch Upperwood Summer Escapade

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Lucy was mated soon after East Of England to a Blue Belton Richecca dog. Owned by Dom & Dawn 'Harry' Richecca Colour Me Blue For Upperwood.
Lucy's litter produced Bobby my first Show Champion Redhara Bobby Dazzler JW.
Bobby won 9 CC's 5 RCC's 5 BOB's & Res Best In Show at Setter & Pointer in 2010. 
He also produced 3 show champions. 

Summer Escapade was used at stud and is the Sire to Lucy my first English Setter, Crystal and Travis.

But Sunny was also the Sire to one of my favourite English Setters 'Connor' Sh Ch Richecca Make my Day For Sorbus. Connor was bred by Jill & Neil and owned by Ken & Jillian.
Connor was Bobby's friendly rival in the show ring.
He was also the Sire to my 'Pixie' Sh Ch Upperwood Snowball For Redhara JW.

Sh Ch Redhara Bobby Dazzler JW

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Connor was a stunning flashy orange dog also a group winner and the top dog at the time. I could never complain when Bobby stood in second place to Connor because he was a lovely dog. 

That lovely I wanted a dog just like Connor, who didn't. 
I wanted a flashy Orange dog just like Connor so when Jane Bishop 'Dyrham' used Summer Escapade I had Travis from the litter.   

Jane sent photos of the litter I saw Travis and asked 'who is having that orange dog puppy?"
It took 5 hours to do a 3 hour journey down to Bristol to go and see Jane's litter. We got back around midnight with my English Setter puppy a mini Connor.

Sh Ch Upperwood Snowball For Redhara JW

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Travis did very well in the ring he won a Reserve CC in puppy, gained his Junior warrant and was made up into a Show Champion. He won Best Veteran in Breed at Crufts in 2018 & 2020.

Travis also produced 3 show champions 2 of which were top dogs in the breed and Gundog group winners. These are  -
Sharon & Graham Littlechild's 'Jojo' Sh Ch Ravensett Fire N Ice. The top English Setter 2018 and Best of Breed at Crufts 2020.  

& Jill & Neil's 'Frankie' Sh Ch Richecca Shades Of Grey. Frankie was the Top English Setter in 2015 & 2016.  Best of Breed at Crufts 2016 & 2018. 
Frankie won over 30 CC's in the breed and a Gundog Group.

Sh Ch Dyrham Diversity At Redhara JW

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Show dogs

As I said at the beginning of the post Jill & Neil Kelly do not need a handler or a groomer as they do well at shows on their own. They always have.

If I would of been told 17 years ago that I would of been handling a dog for the Richecca's I wouldn't of believed it.   
Cilla won both the Limit bitch classes at the shows.
Under Ron James Cilla won the Reserve Bitch CC and was called back for Reserve Best in Show which she won. 
No pressure lol, It was a fantastic dog show day. 

Cilla is by Sh Ch Upperwood Pyschedelic who is owned by Dawn & Dom Goutorbe a stunning orange dog which I handled in the ring a few years ago.
I handled Pyschedelic when he won 7 of his 8CC's a group 3 and Res Best in Show at ESA & English Setter Society of Scotland. 

Sh Ch Upperwood Psychedelic

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Northern English Setter Championship Shows 2021

NESS put on great show as usual, the cars parked next to the rings were brilliant.
Jack was on camera duty and also won a great prize on the raffle a cross pen! 

Jill & Neil's puppy won Best Puppy in Show at the second show under G Williams. 

We never really did get our planned picnic we were too busy showing.
But the cheese and tomato cob I ate on the way home from Jill was the best. 

An amazing day showing English Setters.

If you are new to showing dogs, take advise from the experienced breeders.
Ask questions, if you want to win with your dog at shows learn how to handle your breed and present the dog correctly. Learn about your breed of dog.  

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