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Redhara Lady Gaga

Gertie my English Setter

This is Gertie my Tri-Colour English Setter. Some in the breed call the Tri-Coloured black and tan.  Tri is my favourite colour out of the three colours of the English Setter which are Tri, Orange Belton and Blue Belton.
I've had 6 Tri Colour English Setters in total.
Gertie is the special one, she's a bit different.

Gertie's kennel name is Redhara Lady Gaga I really do think carefully when I choose the names for my English Setter puppies. The names I come up with really do tend to suit dogs that's why I choose them. But usually in time the name really does end up 'really' suiting the dogs. Here is what I mean by that. 

Sh Ch Redhara Bobby Dazzler my beautiful Bobby. Ok Bobby Dazzler say's it all a Bobby Dazzler and sure he was a Dazzler in the ring that is why he won so much.

Redhara Crystal Cracker, this Gertie's Mum a total cracker of a dog Crystal, she's just a lovely lovely dog. 

Redhara Billy Whizz, just like Billy Whizz he was over a fence like shot and then jumped back over too.  He was a character an absolute nutter he could also mate a bitch in seconds. 


Lady Gaga

Redhara Lady Gaga.
I really like the name Lady Gaga, Lady Gaga is amazing and she's different there was something different about Gertie that's why I kept her. I had the litter for a Tri dog there was only three in the litter but there was something special about Gertie so kept two Billy & Gertie.
Although I didn't know how different Gertie was going to turn out. To me she is female version of Bobby Dazzler I absolutely love her looks.  Personality she's odd, she's never been to a show yet. But Gertie does get days out with us, the problem is she doesn't like the car.  In fact there's a lot she doesn't like. Gertie hates the smell of bonfires and I have to carry her to the car when we are out.                


Dog Photography Model

One thing Gertie is good at is being a model for my photography. 
It might take a few goes with her to get the shot, but when I get it of her it is usually a good one.    
I've won awards with photos of Gertie with The Guild Of Photographers I've been a member for a few years now. 

View Gertie's photo gallery here >
All the dogs know the dog show drill and the ones which love going really get excited about going. See the show bag, love the grooming, early morning the dog can't wait to get going. 
Gertie see's the camera bag this has the same effect as the dog who loves dog shows. She can not wait to go, how do they know?


The one who goes everywhere but has never been shown yet

B.V.A Hips 7/6

Tri – Colour D.O.B


Sire – Sh Ch Wansleydale King Of Hearts At Bramstorm JW

Dam – Redhara Crystal Cracker JW

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