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Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

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28th March Home grooming has started

Lucky for me I have a grooming table at home, it is ideal for grooming the dogs outside when the sun is shining.

Since I won’t be able to get the grooming salon while we are in lockdown the table is perfect for keeping on top the dogs coats by just being able to get them brushed. I always like to check their nails and make sure the dogs ears are clean and I put a small amount of Thornit into their ears to freshen them up.

You can take a look at my English Setter grooming guide for the tools required for grooming Setters >>>

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A fantastic day out at Crufts with Travis, Show Champion Dyrham Diversity At Redhara JW Travis won the Veteran Dog class and went on to win Best Veteran in Breed.

The Judge was Mrs Carol Guy
You can read the lovely write up for Travis here on Travis's page >>>

Full breed results click here >>>

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8th February Pamper Session

Grooming time for Pixie and Crystal, they were both so ready for a bath and trim but I just haven’t had time to get them to the grooming room. Job sorted today!

They look so much better.

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5th February Outdoor Photo Shoot for Travis

I bought Travis a ‘Barbour Bow Tie’ for Christmas to match his collar a John Norris Special Offer! But with all what went off with Crystal over Christmas time I hadn’t had chance to even look at it. I think the bow tie suits Travis he looks great, I took him down to Whitworth Park at Darley Dale for a mini photo shoot. Look at that beautiful expression, he’s such a lovely dog and looks great for 9 years old.

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19th January Sunday Walks

All the dogs get plenty of free exercise, but it’s nice for them to get out on a lead walk too for a change. It was a lovely crisp morning this Sunday Gertie got the full hard core walk into the woods and up and down the hills, Travis, Crystal & Pixie got a nice walk around the fields. I ended up doing 30,000 steps according to my fitbit.

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5th January Pixie’s Birthday

Happy New Year

It’s Pixie’s Birthday today and she is 10 years old. Pixie is doing ok after being spayed last October because she had cysts on her ovaries, another fortune at the vets.

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