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25th November 2021 

R.I.P Pixie Sh Ch Upperwood Snowball For Redhara JW

A sad day today I had to say good bye to Pixie, my first Orange Belton English Setter at nearly 12 years old. At least Pixie is free from pain now. 

It is no secret within the breed that Pixie had a very high hip score, which is why she was never bred from. 

At the end of the day, it's luck of the draw with hip scores. You can do everything right for a dog as a puppy. Choose a puppy from parents with low hips scores. But if the scores are high they are high you can't change it. It also doesn't do the breed any good by hiding the fact, all you can do as a dog breeder is breed from stock with low hip scores.

Pixie was still a stunning Orange bitch in the show ring, who absolutely loved going to dog shows. She also and had ring presence, which is why she did so well and was made up at a young age. 

But as you would expect for a dog with a very high hip score her back legs did give her some pain in older life to the point where she could hardly get out of bed in morning. 

I never thought Pixie would live to the grand old age of nearly 12 years old, she did well. 

R.I.P Pixie

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16th November Gifts for cat lovers 

Did you know I have a cat, a silver tabby called Precious she is 16 years old now.

The photo is of my Ginger cat who was rescued years ago a lovely cat but she was disabled. Ginger was the nicest cat, she never scratched or tried to bite me like Precious does. She was just a nice grateful cat.

If you have friends with cats I have a gift guide for cat lovers >>>

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30th October Halloween Photos

A walk down the woods and some photos for Halloween.

Jack loves wearing his Harry Potter costume for Halloween and has done for the last 6 years. The same costume has fit each year!!! 
Thats why you should always buy a bigger size for kids clothes lol. 
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28th October Pumpkins

A trip to Ashover Pumpkins & Sunflowers Derbyshire (S45 0BW)

No dogs are allowed in where the pumpkins are but they are allowed in the car park area which is a field.

If you want a different morning or afternoon out go pumpkin picking, it was a great experience. 

Something to do in half term.

7th October YouTube video

How to photograph dogs running, Gertie & Travis the stars of the video

Full blog post Photographing dogs in action >>>

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3rd October SmugMug review

Why I use SmugMug for the dogs website 

Read more >

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1st October TikTok for the dogs 

The dogs have a TikTok account Redhara Setters >

I have added some of the old videos to TikTok , and will be making some new ones soon.
Gertie English Setter photos

29th September New photo galleries

I have added some photo galleries to the website. 

One is for all the dogs which you can view here >

There is another photo gallery for Gertie, as she has so many photo's I though I would create her a gallery of her own click here to view Gertie's photos >

Here is the link to all the photos galleries >

27th September 15 Dog Photography Tips

A new blog post on my photography website 

15 dog photography tips >

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18th August Red Squirrels 

No dogs, I booked a hide in Hawes North Yorkshire to photograph Red Squirrels. 

We had a fantastic time as soon as we got there the Squirrel's were running around the ground. Paul who I hired the hide off went out and put some feed out along the tree stumps's and various other places. It was amazing to watch and photograph them.

Jack had a never seen a Red Squirrel before so the reflection pool was perfect because at one point the Squirrel's were about 12 inches away from us. 

We will be booking again next year.

Link to blog post >>>

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16th August New Dog Photography Blog Post

Latest blog post from my Dog Photography website. 

Worth a look at if you photograph dog shows and dog events
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15th August ESA Double Champ Shows

A long but great day out at The English Setter Association double championship dog shows. 

I was handling Cilla again, Richecca Chorus Girl for Jill & Neil Kelly. 

ESA also run the English Setter Association Welfare which is the English Setter rescue, rehoming and welfare for the UK.  

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11th August Day out for Travis

A day out for Travis at Crich Tramway village. 

He really didn't like the ride on the tram so we got off the tram at the woodland walk. 

We had a nice day out, a picnic and a great walk around the wooden carvings in the woods. That was much more Travis's style the walk. 

Take a look at my blog post dog friendly days out with the dog Derbyshire for other places we visit with dogs.

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4th August Northern English Setter Society

A fantastic day out as part of team 'Richecca' at Northern English Setter Double Champ Shows. I was handling 'Cilla' Richecca Chorus Girl who is bred & owned by Jill & Neil Kelly.

Read more in the blog post >>>


1st August Peak Shopping Village Rowsley

We ended up at Peak shopping village at Rowsley off the A6 instead of somewhere else we were supposed to be going. The problem was we had Gertie with us.
At Peak village dogs are allowed in some of the shops which was lucky. Also at the bottom of the car park is a field walk next to the River Derwent.
We have never been on this walk before it's owned by Derbyshire Wildlife Trust. The field  was perfect for walking Gertie around.
A warm day but we found shade in the tree's for our picnic.
Link to Derbyshire Wildlife Trust >>> 

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8th July R.I.P Crystal Cracker

It's never an easy decision, but they usually make it for you which is what Crystal did today.
Crystal made it to twelve and a half years old which is a good age for an English Setter. 
It is very sad when they go, but dogs don't live long and you have to enjoy them while they are here. 
Crystal loved digging giant holes in the garden that is what she did every day, even at twelve years old. A beautiful light Tri colour English Setter who was never clean. She was always covered in mud and didn't really like being groomed much either. That was Crystal  
Here is are a few photos of Crystal being Crystal. 

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7th July How to build the dogs website

The FREE GUIDE how to build a dog breeder website is just about finished. The free guide shows how easy it is to build a show dogs website like Redhara Setters using SmugMug        
Here is the link to the FREE Guide >>>

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27th June Midland English Setter Society Double Open Dog Shows

Midland English Setter Society held two open shows at Bearley CV37 0SR
I entered 'Gertie' Redhara Lady Gaga into the 2nd show which Dilys Watts was judging. 
Gertie is 6 years old next week and has never been to a show. I thought the MESS 2nd open show would be perfect to try Gertie at for these reasons.
The show was outside, there would only be English Setters there and by entering the 2nd show this would give Gertie time to settle. Gertie did well, she was the only one in the class so won 1st in Limit Bitch. Overall for a dog that has never been shown she handled the day well. We had a great day out and Jack was on camera duty he did a great job. 

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SmugMug website for the dogs

I am so happy about this, I've the moved the dogs website back to SmugMug from WordPress.
Here you are your on it now!!
It is about a 30 page website and it's so much better for me already. 
The slideshow feature is perfect on the news and the dogs pages. 
I can safely say this website is going to be full of more photos very soon. 
I used a free template within SmugMug to build the website too. 
I love it. 

If you are interested in using SmugMug for your dogs website you can read my review about SmugMug. I have a set up guide, a discount off any new SmugMug account on my photography website >>>
Also I have a FREE GUIDE How to build a dog breeder website >>>

5th June Crich Tramway Village 

A visit to Crich Tramway today the weather was so hot, it was lovely.
We managed to get a ride on the open-topped tram.
Crich Tramway Village is a dog friendly place and we have taken Pixie before for a ride on the trams. 
Once you pay your for entry into the village thats it covered for 12 months. 
Each time we go from now on for the next year we don't need to pay the entry fee which is brilliant.
I would love to take Gertie next we go there.     

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1st June 

June already and the weather has been great again for the dogs.

It makes such a difference after all the rain we had last month.   

May YouTube

A new video added to my YouTube channel 

Best online photo storage.

This video is all about how I store and organise the dogs photos if this is of interest to you. 

May Dog Grooming Gertie

Latest English Setter dog grooming video which features Gertie. 

Link to English Setter grooming guide  >>>

May Setter Dog Grooming Pixie

English Setter dog grooming video which features Pixie who is now 11 years old. 

Pixie is also neutered which changes the texture of the coat over time. 

Link to my YouTube channel

Dog Grooming & Dogs Rebecca Goutorbe >>>

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2nd April Spring Time

Gertie wasn't too impressed about the ideas I had of her having a photo taken in the daffodils.

I will try again another day.

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