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January 9th  How to build a Photography Portfolio Website 

A new blog post on my Dog Photography website

I do have a free guide 
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 January 4th Best lens for dog photography

We all love taking photos of our own dogs. 
I have a new blog post on my photography website best lens for dog photography you may want a look at > 
If you are into dog photography, you may also be interested in the 15 tips for dog photography I have too >

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January 3rd Woodland Walk

A muddy walk down Halldale woods with Travis & Gertie today as the weather has been a lot dryer. 

Travis is starting to show his age a bit now taking the hills slowly, but he still enjoyed the walk. 

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 January 3rd Wahl Dog Grooming Supplies

Wahl have a January sale on with 10% off shampoo and a sale on selected dog grooming tools. It's worth a look if you groom your own dog.

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January 2nd English Setter Dog Grooming

Happy New Year!

I've got the dogs groomed today and back in some order after all the rain over Christmas.

There are lots of new things happening this year for the dogs, so keep checking back on this page and on the Facebook page. 

If you need your English Setter grooming click here for more info >

Have a great new Year 

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