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9th June Dog Walking

My favourite dog walk is just on the doorstep, this walk is along side the River Derwent. 

It's the best time of the year for an evening walk out, nice weather, but not too hot for dogs. 

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7th June Car plates

I've got my number plates onto the new Dacia Duster, I'm feeling back to normal with cars now.

 I think it's obvious what the number plate stands for.


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4th June Seaside

First trip to the seaside in the Duster. 

Gertie didn't mind the slot machines too much!! 

She thought the beach was great, although it was freezing cold.

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3rd June Longshaw Estate Walk

A three hour walk for Gertie around the Longshaw Estate in the Peak District. 

Well an hour walk, with a stop for an ice cream, a picnic & Gertie went into the stream.

I tried to find this place when Jack was about 3 years old, the car park was closed as they were updating it and I never went back. 

It's great, I know where Padley Gorge is now too!!!! Right next to Longshaw Estate, I have always wanted to go there.

I will take my proper camera next time and we are doing the Padley Gorge walk!!! 

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26th May Queens Jubilee

Gertie's is ready for the Queens Jubilee Bank Holiday's

26th May New Car at last!

We have a new car at last. 

13 years I had the VW Sharan, a great car but it needed changing.

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23rd May  R.I.P Travis Show Champion Dyrham Diversity at Redhara JW

We said goodbye to Travis at eleven and a half years old.
He had been going down hill slowly for a few months. 
Travis won a reserve CC in puppy, 3 CC's 2 r CC's 3 BOB's Best In Show at ESA 2013, 2 Best Veteran in breeds at Crufts 2018 & 2020.
The sire to top winning stock in the breed including Sh Ch Richecca Shades of Grey JW and Sh Ch Ravensett Fire 'N' Ice JW who both won Best of Breed at Crufts.
R.I.P Travis

14th April Ilam Park & Dovedale stepping stones

A school holiday day out at Ilam Park near Ashbourne. 

Both Travis & Gertie helped Jack on the Easter trail all around Ilam Park.

Just a mile up the road from Ilam on the way back we stopped at the stepping stones at Dovedale. Gertie amazed us by going over the stepping stones, she seems to love water.

I have a blog post, Dog friendly days out and places to visit Chatsworth, Peak District >>>

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26th March A Sunny day in Ashbourne

Making the most of the nice weather out in Ashbourne with dogs. 

Travis is 11 years old and now Gertie will be 7 this year, 10 minutes off lead is all they both need then they are ready for a lie-down lol. 

Where we took the dogs, there was also an agility course set out.

Jack had ideas of the dogs doing agility, after going to the ESA fun dog show back in 2019 Jack had borrowed Fiona Mitchell's lovely Orange bitch Daisy. Daisy had a go at the fun agility there as well as going in the fun dog show and was great at ESA for Jack that day.

I think it's safe to say that after today, Travis & Gertie won't be entering any agility comp's in the near future. I think we had more fun than the dogs at the agility course. 

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19th March Ashbourne Dog Walk

A lovely afternoon walk for the dogs at Ashbourne. 
I think the weather today has been the best day yet this year, Spring is here!! 
Although the field we were in was still muddy, good job I have a dog bath and grooming room for the dogs. 

18th March Travis the dog photography model

Travis is the star in my YouTube video creative dog photography ideas.
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21st February Floods in Matlock

You will of probably seen on the news that Matlock was flooded again. 

We took a walk to the Peak Rail track which we have biked along before and we also walk the dogs on and around. 

It was shocking to see how the field's which we walk around were completely full of water. It like a lake, scary stuff when river's burst their banks. 

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16th February Gertie Wall Art

I am so excited, I have ordered a really large piece of wall art of one of my favourite photo's of Gertie. The canvas is 48 inches by 36 inches in size and looks amazing.

I have a review here about the print lab which I ordered the canvas from 

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January 9th  How to build a Photography Portfolio Website 

A new blog post on my Dog Photography website

I do have a free guide 
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 January 4th Best lens for dog photography

We all love taking photos of our own dogs. 
I have a new blog post on my photography website best lens for dog photography you may want a look at > 
If you are into dog photography, you may also be interested in the 15 tips for dog photography I have too >

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January 3rd Woodland Walk

A muddy walk down Halldale woods with Travis & Gertie today as the weather has been a lot dryer. 

Travis is starting to show his age a bit now taking the hills slowly, but he still enjoyed the walk. 

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 January 3rd Wahl Dog Grooming Supplies

Wahl have a January sale on with 10% off shampoo and a sale on selected dog grooming tools. It's worth a look if you groom your own dog.

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January 2nd English Setter Dog Grooming

Happy New Year!

I've got the dogs groomed today and back in some order after all the rain over Christmas.

There are lots of new things happening this year for the dogs, so keep checking back on this page and on the Facebook page. 

If you need your English Setter grooming click here for more info >

Have a great new Year 

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