News 2014 - Rebecca Goutorbe

News 2014

7th December

 Northern English Setter Society Championship Dog Show

Always a nice Christmas show Northern English.

Handling "Goldie"  Upperwood Goldilocks and she won Yearling Bitch. The Judge was Mrs P Hollings

8th November

Gundog Breeds of Scotland Dog Show

Handling Sh Ch Upperwood Psychedelic he won Open Dog the Dog CC his 5th and BOB. Also I handled Upperwood Goldilocks, Goldie won Yearling Bitch.

It was well worth the long trip, although I did stop over the night before which made a nice change, instead of that long drive up there and back in the dark!!

Judging English Setters was Mrs E Downer. Wynarce

11th October

 South Wales KA Dog Show 

  Wow what an amazing day I did the double with "Syke" Sh Ch Upperwood Psychedelic and"Pixie" Upperwood Snowball For Redhara JW. Syke won Open Dog and the Dog CC, Pixie won Limit Bitch and the Bitch CC. This was Pixie's 3rd CC so she is now a Show Champion, my third Show Champion!!  Syke went Best Of Breed.

Travis also did well he won 2nd place in a very strong Limit Dog class.

The Judge for English Setters was Mrs Sandra Wallis (Kenandra)

Photo © Linda Westron of Syke in the group

28th September

 English Setter Society of Wales Open Dog Show.

It was a lovely hot day and the show was judged outside. "Travis"Dyrham Diversity at Redhara JW won Best Dog and Reserve Best in Show. "Pen" Redhara Penelope Pistop won Veteran Bitch, Reserve Best Bitch and Best Veteran in Show.

I won some chocolates on the raffle, the dogs won bags of food and goodie bags. We came home with loads of rosette's.It was a nice show.

The Judge was Mrs S Martin (Sequentia)

17th August

Welsh Kennel Club Dog Show

I handled Sh Ch  Upperwood Psychedelic in Open Dog he won 2nd place and then the reserve CC. "Crystal" Redhara Crystal Cracker JW won Limit Bitch.

The Judge for English Setters was Mrs Sarah Sevastopulo. I'm sure everyone has a favourite Judge and this Lady is mine, She Judges the dogs on the day.

25th July

 Leeds Dog Show

  Wow what a hot day at the show, 33 on the car reader on the way home hot, hot, hot but well worth going.

"Pixie" Upperwood Snowball for Redhara JW, won the Limit bitch class and the Bitch CC, that was Pixie's second CC.

"Travis" Dyrham Diversity at Redhara JW won 2nd place in a big Limit dog class.

Judging English Setters was Mr J Roberts (Mirkwood)

To see the full results 

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29th June

 Windsor Dog Show

Always a nice show to go to, "Travis" Dyrham Diversity at Redhara JW won the limit dog class. Travis's Son Richecca Shades of Grey JW won yearling dog, the Dog CC his second and Best of Breed (he is owned and bred by Mr & Mrs Kelly).

"Lily" Lighting Lily By Redhara Travis's Daughter was placed 2nd in minor puppy so qualified for Crufts and still is very naughty, a lot more training is needed I think.

The Judge for English Setters was Mrs A Green.

Photo © Fran Grimsdel

8th June

Three Counties Championship Dog Show

A change of Judge for English Setters to Mr M Howes placed Travis 2nd in open dog, a nice sunny day out it was too.

24th May

Bath Championship Dog Show

Handling Upperwood Psychedelic again he won the Limit Dog class.

The Judge for English Setters was Mrs J Dennis

To say it was muddy was an understatement, and I got the car stuck in the car park!

10th May

Birmingham National Dog Show

Mr M Gadsby was the Judge for English Setters and "Travis" Dyrham Diversity at Redhara JW won a good Limit dog class.

27th April

 English Setter Society of Scotland Championship Dog Show

I handled Upperwood Psychedelic again he won the Limit Dog class, his all important 3rd CC and Reserve Best in Show the Dog Judge was Mrs B Hacking.

I also took my own"Crystal" Redhara Crystal Cracker JW and she was placed 2nd in Mid Limit Bitch, the Bitch Judge was Mr G Hayburn

19th April

 English Setter Association Championship Dog Show

 I had a great day out and had the pleasure of handling Dom and Dawns dog Upperwood Psychedelic who won the Mid Limit dog class, the Dog CC and Reserve Best in Show.

The Judge was Mrs C Smith (Soberhill)

6th April

English Setter Society of Wales Dog Show

"Travis" Dyrham Diversity at Redhara JW won the Limit dog class then went on to win the RCC, the Judge was Mrs M Withey.

To see the full show results 

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2nd February

  Midland English Setter Society Dog Show

"Pen" Redhara Penelope Pitstop was placed 2nd in Veteran Bitch.  

I also got to handle Dom's puppy bitch Upperwood Goldilocks "Goldie" won a nice puppy bitch class and went on to win Best Puppy in Show.

The Judge was Mrs L Taylor.

19th January

Manchester Championship Dog Show 

"Travis" Dyrham Diversity at Redhara JW was placed 2nd in a good Limit Dog class.

The Judge for English Setters was A Murphy