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News 2017

A look back over 2017

29th December

Fun Video 

A snowy morning here today thought I would catch a video of Billy, Gertie and Travis, on my phone.

I am sure I wouldn't catch them doing this again if I tried.

A Bit of Fun In The Snow

20th December

English Setter Puppies

Wispa's Upperwood puppies are coming along nicely now at 6 weeks of age, which are by Travis. Here are photo's of the 5 English Setter puppies and a few of Mum Wispa too.

16th December

Happy Birthday Travis

Travis's is now 7 years old which makes him a veteran in the dog world.

I don't think he's looking too bad at all for a 7 year old English Setter, what do you think?

5th November

English Setter Puppies

A nice start to November, Travis is the sire to a nice litter of Upperwood English Setter Puppies.

Mum Wispa had 5 lovely babies. I shall hope to get some nice photos posted once they grow up.

17th September

Darlington Dog Show

Judge for English Setters was Linda Taylor (Wansleydale)

"Billy" Redhara Billy Whizz won second place in his first post graduateclass, and Upperwood Goldilocks was second in limit bitch.

21st August

The Guild Of Photographers

Image Of The Month Competition

OMG my first Silver in the competition.

Its not a dog image, but still its a SILVER!!!


Dog Grooming

We had a nice sunny day here in Matlock, so I thought I would give Bobby and Pixie a full groom as it was such a nice day I decided to get them groomed outside in the fresh air. They both had a bath, dry, clip & trim, nails clipped and ears cleaned the full grooming service. They looked like English Setters should do after.

Later that day Jack helped me with a photo shoot just so we had photos of Bobby and Pixie looking squeaky clean for a change.

7th July

East of England Dog show

"Billy" Redhara Billy Whizz won second place in graduate dog, and Upperwood Goldilocks won a second in limit bitch.

The Judge for English Setters was Mr A McKiernan.

21st June

The Guild Of Photographers

Image Of The Month Competition

Two Bronze Bars this month in the competition.

Bobby in the autumn colours and Gertie in the bluebells.

Well Done Bobby & Gertie

26th May

The Leica Fieldsports Photographer Of The Year 2017

The Fieldsports magazine arrived today! A month ago I entered the Leica Fieldsports Photographer of the Year Competition with a few of my images. The Working English Setter "Zeus" I entered has won a Highly Commended wow, I am really pleased with that.

Zeus is owned by Fiona Kirk.

Also one image I entered from the Bettie Town Glen Prosen Challenge which I photographed for The English Setter Club last August, has featured in the magazine too.

5th May

Birmingham National Dog Show

"Billy" Redhara Billy whizz won a third place in a strong Yearling class.

The Judge for English Setters was Mrs M Gittins.

30th April

The English Setter Society of Scotland Championship Dog Show.

"Billy" Redhara Billy Whizz stood alone in Yearling Dog and won his first prize under Chris Moorhouse the Dog Judge.

I also took along Upperwood Goldilocks "Goldie" who is bred and owned by Dom & Dawn Goutorbe. Goldie won Limit Bitch, the Bitch CC and Reserve Best in Show under the Bitch Judge Mr Keith Smith. It was well worth the early start, a great day out.

Click Here >>>>> to view more pictures of Goldie at the show.

27th April


A nice walk around Chatsworth with Billy to do some training,  As I have him entered at a few shows thought it would be a good idea to do some one to one.

23rd April

English Setter Association Championship Dog Show.

Not showing the dogs this time at ESA. I was kindly asked by the committee of the show if I would like to have a stall for my photography and English Setter Greeting Cards.

 Dawn Goutorbe was helping me, she did a great job of selling the cards for me while I was outside doing photo shoots with the exhibitors.

I think I've got quiet a few year book photos and adverts sorted out for people today, I was busy!!        

We both really enjoyed the day. 

17th April

R.I.P Lucy Liu

03/03/04 - 17/04/17

A sad day here today Sh Ch Upperwood Lucy Liu For Redhara had to be put to sleep at the age of 13 years old.

14th March

English Setter Puppies

I have been to Burton on Trent today to see some English Setter Puppies by "Billy" Redhara Billy Whizz.

Here are some photos of the litter of 5, which are bred by Sharon Littlechild (Ravensett)

11th March

The Guild Of Photographers

A few weeks ago I submitted 21 of my dog photography images to The Guild Of Photographers to be assessed by a panel of Judges.

"Qualified Status"is only awarded by The Guild Of Photographers to who have met its exacting standards and evidenced a good standard of photography as it is a "live' qualification to ensure the photographer continues to meet this standard.

The certificate arrived in the post today, on my Birthday. 


3rd March

Happy Birthday Lucy Liu

13 years old today. 

3rd February

Front Cover

My Kennel Gazette has arrived today!!! I've been waiting for this.

It features English Setters and has the lovely Darlow on the front cover which I photographed last May for owner Sylvia Cole.