Why I use SmugMug

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SmugMug for the dogs blog and website

SmugMug websites are photo websites designed for photographers, lots of photos and online photo galleries to display your photos.
Which is why the websites are perfect for my dogs. I love the fact that I can fill the website with photos of my own dogs.
SmugMug is so easy to use, you can make website for your dogs in minutes. I only need the Power plan with SmugMug to make a website for my dogs.

Unlimited photo storage

I can securely store all my dogs videos digital photos and mobile phone photos online with SmugMug. You don't need to mess about with web hosting or anything like that to use SmugMug. 

 Just sign up and start uploading your photos.

The photo storage is unlimited uploads too which is great. As well displaying the photos online perfectly on the website. The dogs photos are also stored safely and ready accessible for viewing or downloading when I need them. 

Store raw files online

As an add on extra you can now store raw files in the SmugMug galleries. Most types of raw files are accepted too. Just plugin your card reader or use one of the free apps available. to start uploading your raw files.

Free mobile phone backup app

The free mobile phone app from SmugMug is great. Just download the free mobile app and set the app to auto upload. This way all your mobile phone photo's can be backed up whilst your phone is charging up. Also it can be set to only download and backup your photos whilst connected to wifi. 

Website builder

Building a website is so easy using SmugMug, you don't need codes or anything like that. In fact I don't know why they call it a website builder, that makes it sound hard work. 

SmugMug websites are hassle free, unlike building a WordPress website.

Free photography website template

All you need to do is choose a free photography website template which SmugMug offer and then add your photos and writing to the website it's dead easy. Use the SmugMug customizer then just drag and drop the content blocks onto your website. I have video tutorials on how to use SmugMug if you think you might need help building a SmugMug website.

Start selling prints online

Easily start selling photography, prints and digitals online with SmugMug. 

I can order professional prints from the photos of my dogs from my SmugMug account. The prints are made in the top UK print lab and they don't cost much for the quality of prints you get. 

But to start selling your photos online with SmugMug you need the Portfolio or Pro account. So that you are able to set your own price for the prints and digitals you would like to sell online.

Start a blog for your dog

SmugMug is perfect if you are wanting to start a blog or build a website for your dogs and have lots of photos to store and keep safe like I do of Gertie

I have a free guide how to build a website for your dogs using SmugMug. 

Try SmugMug free for 14 days and 15% off any new account >

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